sloppy makeouts

My friend had birthday on monday so she got a tiny squishy tittie from us xD We decided to decorate it with some of my drawings =u= Now it’s a unique boob lolz.

With PinkCuttlefish & Psajonik 


Doodle from my stream, thanks for coming~♥


Doodle from my stream, thanks for coming~♥

Hello, I was wondering, I am also planing on doing Cosplay of Cronus Ampora; and I was wondering how you made your ear fins, or if you happened to buy them. Where you bought them from. Thank you! ^w^

My whole Cronus was just a really fast instant so the fins were not as good as I would make them to the real cosplay.

Those from my cosplay pictures are made just from some kraft paper. I painted them then and attached using eyelash glue.

When I will redo this cosplay I’ll make the fins using slim wires that I’ll glue to the kraft paper ;u; (the wire also helps to attach the fin to the ear easily)

I think the second way will be better for you.

Hope you’ll enjoy your cosplay!

Some older Gamzee & Karkat I drew yesterday~

Cute sweethearts <3

I’m never tired of drawing my OTP babies happy & together 

Humanstuck Karkat, Sufferer & GHB~

hi hello you are an absolutely gorgeous attractive kurloz yes

Asdfghjhgfd thanks QvQ <3333

Hey where did you get your contact for your dirk Cosplay??

I bought them on polish online shop “Allegro”, but I’m sure you can find them on e-bay & on the other online shops ;u;

They are called Wild/Crazy Eyes contact lenses. Mine for Dirk/GHB are the “Orange Werewolf” ones.


I fell in love with this gender bend and I MUST do this cosplay. It’s a matter of life and death !

(By the way, if someone recognize the artist, please tell me. I want to know other arts like this one)


Your such a cute Kurloz AAAhhh

Thank you! >u< <3

You are quite the attractive individual

Thanks ;///;


Muertesuck Gamzee :o)


Petra Dreiling-Schewe


quick little doodle for my friend Hayley’s 20th birthday before i give her the real present. u v u Happy birthday I loooooove you!