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I’m going to be at table E17/18 at Anime Expo with this print! I’ll have a few big ones but mostly it’ll be in 5”x7”!

Please come talk to me about Steven Universe!!!

Well maybe their kids are adopted.

Yeah, that can be one of the possibilities~

So u tellin me that your GHB and Sufferer together are having all these kids and then your e.g. Gamzee and Karkat are a couple, too? Isn't that incest?

To be honest I don’t really care about that things. Thay are all fictional characters after all and I just want to draw cute Makara x Vantas pictures =v=

I'm lovin' this blog!

Thank you so much~! ;u; <3

how do you make your troll teeth? they look so good!

Thanks! I used this tutorial ;u;

You are like a sunshine in the GHBSuff tag *^*<3

Aww thanks asdfghj ;///; 

So in a few hours I’m flying with PinkCuttlefish to London for a whole week~ image

We are still having our vacation and it’s finally time for a little break.

I love England so much! image


Princess Bubblegum is so pretty~



Being a parent is not easy =3=

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Added some porn on my nsfw blog. Full ver. here~

can i ask where you get your fangs and ears from? o:

We made our teeth using this tutorial~

The ears were made really fast from some packing paper.