Fast old scribble. GHB from my humanstuck AU, a little bit nsfw ;o)


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scribbles a favorite canon charactergoes to bed


scribbles a favorite canon character
goes to bed


Gamzee is my second favorite troll, of course Karkat is first. But they’re both equally awesome in my mind!~ (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

All this picture needs now is some horns! Or clowns, either one. 

Przeglądałam moje ulubione blogi, trafiłam na twój i umarłam widząc, że jesteś z Polski... @_@

Oww, dzięki to kochane ;u; <3

hi i just wanted to say i really like your humanstuck designs and i am curious, are there more characters, like terezi, mindfang or psiioniic and story behind them? i would love to know more about it, it looks so interesting =v=

Since it is ghbsuff AU the plot is centered around Highblood & Sufferer (and Karkat too after some time) but of course there are more pretty important characters beside these 3 ;u;

The whole story is reaaally long and unfinished yet. The other characters are Psiioniic, Dolorosa, Dualscar, Cronus, Kanaya, Kurloz, Mindfang, Executor, Condesce, Handmaid, Eridan and Vriska for now. I don’t know if I will introduce more of them. The plot is basically focused on their normal living in Seattle~ Everything is of course very detailed. You can see some of the designs in my humanstuck tag.

I will draw (and redraw) some designs for the rest of the characters and add it here with some descriptions so please be patient ;v;


smokink | Gale Harold (Brian Kinney - Queer as folk) | via Tumblr itt: We Heart It.


my part of an art trade with my bro literallyananime!

she asked for kat<3kan

sorry hon you can tell where I had to edit cause i kinda messed up sorry :[

((I have to ask! How did you do the teeth for your Gamzee cosplay?! THey're perfect! ))

Thank you~! I used this tutorial c: 

Being a parent is not easy =3=

♥ Ghbsuff & Karkat 

Swapping clothes~ Pisces


Colored Dolorosa from my humanstuck AU. 

She is a piercer/tattoo artist and loves pin up fashion =u=

Made some badges for PinkCuttlefish with our OTP’s when I was at festival in my town~

Picture for my dear best friend Pinkcuttlefish ;3;