I stole PinkCuttlefish’s cosplay, am I Jegus now? :v

Przeglądałam moje ulubione blogi, trafiłam na twój i umarłam widząc, że jesteś z Polski... @_@

Oww, dzięki to kochane ;u; <3

hi i just wanted to say i really like your humanstuck designs and i am curious, are there more characters, like terezi, mindfang or psiioniic and story behind them? i would love to know more about it, it looks so interesting =v=

Since it is ghbsuff AU the plot is centered around Highblood & Sufferer (and Karkat too after some time) but of course there are more pretty important characters beside these 3 ;u;

The whole story is reaaally long and unfinished yet. The other characters are Psiioniic, Dolorosa, Dualscar, Cronus, Kanaya, Kurloz, Mindfang, Executor, Condesce, Handmaid, Eridan and Vriska for now. I don’t know if I will introduce more of them. The plot is basically focused on their normal living in Seattle~ Everything is of course very detailed. You can see some of the designs in my humanstuck tag.

I will draw (and redraw) some designs for the rest of the characters and add it here with some descriptions so please be patient ;v;


Chibi ancestors with little trolls I drew when I was at shopping centre with PinkCuttlefish ;3;


Being a parent is not easy =3=

♥ Ghbsuff & Karkat 


smokink | Gale Harold (Brian Kinney - Queer as folk) | via Tumblr itt: We Heart It.


my part of an art trade with my bro literallyananime!

she asked for kat<3kan

sorry hon you can tell where I had to edit cause i kinda messed up sorry :[

((I have to ask! How did you do the teeth for your Gamzee cosplay?! THey're perfect! ))

Thank you~! I used this tutorial c: 

Being a parent is not easy =3=

♥ Ghbsuff & Karkat 

Swapping clothes~ Pisces


Colored Dolorosa from my humanstuck AU. 

She is a piercer/tattoo artist and loves pin up fashion =u=

Made some badges for PinkCuttlefish with our OTP’s when I was at festival in my town~

Picture for my dear best friend Pinkcuttlefish ;3; 

Old pin up drawing that I gave to my friend for her birthday ;u;


As I wrote not so long time ago I finally decided to start making sketch commissions~

Soon I’ll be moving out and it’s time for start living on my own so I really need to earn some money for my future studies, rent & new laptop.


About commissions:

Choose the type of commission you want and then send me your request to Please write your name/nickname/tumblr name + commission in the title.

I accept payments only via PayPal, please send the payment to

Wait for the reply before you pay. I must accept the request first and check if it fits to the price.

Please remember that I won’t start making your commission without payment.

Be patient, I will e-mail you when your request will be done. (and send it to you of course)



 All prices are presented above, the price also depends on character difficulty.

 Backgrounds are free but they won’t be detailed.

 Remember to send me reference picture if you have one. Detailed description will be good too (I don’t want any misunderstandings) + write me if you want colorful lineart.

 Feel free to use your commissioned art as you like.


What I WON’T draw:


 ships & characters that I really don’t like (if Homestuck request)

 canon x OC (if Homestuck request)



If you have any questions please ask!